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Nodegram is a vector drawing program with a focus on flowcharts.

Note: The software is still in the alpha stage, which is why important functions have not yet been implemented.

March 21, 2024: Nodegram is released in version 0.0.2
June 17, 2023: Nodegram is released in version 0.0.1
February 27, 2022: Nodegram is released in version 0.0.0
December 30, 2021: Initial-commit of Nodegram in GIT


With Nodegram, complex structures and processes can be displayed easily. Processes, graphs and many other types of diagrams are supported. With just a few mouse clicks. Graphics are presented simply and clearly.

Nodegram runs on the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. It is constantly being developed.


In this section you can find some screenshots and Youtube videos about Nodegram. Some older versions can also be found here!



  • Multilingual
  • Runs on Linux and Windows (the Linux version is currently not available for download)
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Export functions
  • Unicode support in all functions


Nodegram can currently be downloaded for the following operating systems and architectures (click on the link to start the download)

The versions with the addition "Portable" do not need to be installed. These ZIP files can be extracted at any point. The executable file (called "nodegram.exe" under Windows) can be started directly in the unzipped directory!

Microsoft® Windows Downloads:

nodegram_setup_0_0_2.exe (Windows, 32Bit)

nodegram_portable_0_0_2_win32.zip (Portable, Windows, 32Bit)

Linux Downloads:

Nodegram-0.0.2-x64.AppImage (Linux/AppImage, 64Bit)

nodegram-0.0.2.deb (Linux, 64Bit)


The first manuals will appear here shortly.


The use of any software that is offered directly on this portal is at your own risk!

All software components are developed with the utmost care, but in the worst case, data loss can occur.

It is therefore recommended to always make backups of all relevant data!


Information about the development of Nodegram can be found at the following link. Problems can also be reported using this link: Developer-Area

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