Welcome to WittNet.AT


We develop software and make preliminary versions available here for free download!


The software products offered here are primarily test versions. These can be downloaded directly without registration. This portal is primarily used to enable us to exchange information with test users.

We are happy to receive feedback and suggestions for improvement of our software products at any time.


Nodegram is a vector drawing program. It helps with the graphic representation of structures and processes. The software is currently being developed, but some of it can already be used productively. To find out more please click on the following link: Nodegram


Our Nav-Troll is a simple tool to graphically display and evaluate waypoints from GPS data: Nav-Troll


WST is for easy searching and finding files. It indexes custom folders and allows users to easily search for files. This application is currently a work in progress! WST


Cellular automata are the basis of this simulation. This application is currently a work in progress! Here future link: Aquasim


The use of any software that is offered directly on this portal is at your own risk!

All software components are developed with the utmost care, but in the worst case, data loss can occur.

It is therefore recommended to always make backups of all relevant data!

WittNet, Austria. All rights reserved.
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