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Nodegram is constantly being developed!

The most important changes in Nodegram can be seen here - To get back to the To get to the homepage, simply click the house symbol in the top left corner click or use the following link: Home


Nodegram is released in version 0.0.2

Workspaces have been prepared. Bug fixes. Prepared for sounds.

Nodegram is released in version 0.0.1

Added color dialogs.

Nodegram is released in version 0.0.0

Changes since the initial version of Nodegram.

Initial-release of Nodegram

Birth of Nodegram. Many ideas were put down on paper here a roadmap to wait for its implementation. The idea has been around for a long time born before 2021 but it was relaunched as a project in December 2021. The new software has x86/x64 systems as the target architecture and should run on both Microsoft Windows and Linux.


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